If you need to talk to someone about this or wish to report your repair request by telephone during office hours (Monday-Friday 9am - 5pm), please phone 020 8964 2323.

If you would like to e-mail your request please sent it to

The Association classifies repairs as either emergency, urgent or routine.

To report emergency repairs out of hours(after 5 p.m and at weekends / bank holidays):

Please call Pinnacle Contractors on 0203 701 3519

Examples of emergency repairs are:

  • Gas leaks
  • Total power failure
  • Severe roof leaks
  • Blocked drain/WC
  • Loss of gas
  • Burst pipes

We aim to deal with these issues within 24 hours.

Urgent repairs are things such as:

  • Partial loss of Electrical power or light
  • Electrical faults, unsafe power, lighting, socket or electrical fitting.
  • Partial loss of water or gas supply
  • Doorbell/door entry repairs
  • Blocked or leaking drains or soil stack
  • Toilet blocked or not flushing
  • Blocked sink, bath or basin
  • Tap which cannot be turned
  • Overflows/water leaks that can be contained
  • Leaking roof
  • Insecure external window
  • Loose or detached banister or handrail

We aim to deal with these issues within one week.

Routine repairs are all other repairs which are Westway's responsibility such as:

  • Plastering/Tiling
  • Plumbing Works
  • Carpentry Repair
  • Dampness/Decoration
  • Paths/Paving
  • Fencing

We aim to deal with these issues within 4 weeks.

Not all repairs to Westway's properties are the Association's responsibility. Under the terms of the tenancy agreement for general needs housing (i.e. excluding Collingham Place and the Hostel) it is the tenant's responsibility to deal with the following:

  • Letter boxes
  • Gate latches
  • Individual dustbins
  • Removing airlocks in radiators
  • Draught excluders to doors and windows
  • Damage by tenant, family or guests
  • Drains blocked by tenant's misuse
  • Blocked sinks and baths because of misuse
  • Damage from break-ins
  • Internal painting and decorating
  • Sweeping chimneys
  • Fuses and electric plugs
  • Internal door locks, latches and hinges
  • Clearing rubbish and litter
  • Cookers and fridges
  • Window cleaning (except where included in service charge)
  • Gardens and gardening
  • Cutting hedges
  • Snow clearance
  • Curtain battens
  • Broken glass in windows
  • Bath/sink plugs and chains
  • WC seats
  • Tap washers (except for elderly and disabled tenants)

In addition to the three categories of "day-to-day" or "routine" repairs, the Association also has a rolling cyclical maintenance programme which deals with decoration of common parts and external features and replacement of fittings (e.g. boilers, kitchens, bathrooms).


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