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Urgent and Routine repairs are repairs that are unlikely to cause serious health and safety problems or serious damage if they are not fixed straight away. For example, carpentry repairs, non-emergency plumbing repairs etc.

The easiest way to report a repair is to do it online by logging into “MY TENANCY” request a non-emergency repair if you chose to report the repair electronically, please provide as much information as you can about the problem.

To help us continue to provide services in your home homes as safely as possible, please contact us if:

  • You have a confirmed case of Covid-19 in your household
  • You are self-isolating or in quarantine due to Covid-19

By letting us know, our staff and contractors can make arrangements to deliver the services you need in your home and limit the spread of the virus.

Routine repairs are classified as repairs that are unlikely to cause serious health and safety problems or serious damage if they are not fixed straight away. For example, repairs to taps, carpentry repairs, plastering, tiling, dampness/decoration, pathways/paving boundary fences.

Emergency repairs

Emergency repairs are situations where there is a danger to life and limb, major damage to the property, flooding, or major electrical faults to your property that is not a result of a power cut. 

An emergency repair is a problem that must be fixed now before it causes serious damage to your property or is a health and safety risk to you and your family.

For emergency repairs please call us on 0208 964 2323 (Monday to Friday, 9.00am – 5.00pm)


Once our office is closed you can report emergency repairs to out of hours team (after 5.00 pm and  9.00am) and at weekends / bank holidays): Please call Pinnacle Contractors on 0203 701 3519 Pinnacle staff will assess your problem an advise you on whether a contractor will be dispatched otherwise please contact the office the next working day so that we can deal with your repair.

Regular inspections & maintenance

We carry out regular estate inspections of all the buildings we manage. You’re welcome to accompany your housing officer or surveyor on these inspections.

When carrying out inspections of communal areas, we:

  • Make sure that the estate is being cleaned and maintained to a satisfactory standard
  • Identify and report any communal repairs
  • Make sure that there are no health and safety risks.
  • Under the terms of the tenancy agreement for general needs housing, not all repairs to your home are the Association’s responsibility. You will be advised by staff when requesting a repair whether we will repair the fault. You can find the full list in your tenant’s handbook.

Alterations and improvements

We encourage our residents to look after their homes. If you’d like to make any home alterations or improvements, you’ll need to get written permission from us before you start any work.

Failure to gain consent from us is a breach of your tenancy and could result in punitive action being taken by either Westway HA or the superior landlord, in the case of certain homeowners.

Please note that you are not permitted to carry out any alterations or improvements in communal areas.

Major adaptations

Our staff are here to help if you require major adaptations to your home, you should contact your local council or social services and ask for an assessment from an occupational therapist. The occupational therapist will visit you to assess your needs and will then send us their proposal which we will consider and, in most cases, approve.

Our maintenance team will provide assistance and ensure the work is completed to the highest standards. Examples of major adaptations are:

  • Fitting lifts on stairs or through floors
  • Removing a bath and fitting walk-in or wet-floor showers
  • Sitting shower toilets for disabled people
  • Fitting hoists to the ceiling
  • Making adaptations to the kitchen or lowering kitchen units.

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