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Repair responsibilities

In general, we are responsible for the structure of the property, the communal areas and the main services (gas, electricity, water) provided to your home.

If you live in our general needs housing (not Collingham Place or the hostel), you are responsible for some minor repairs and replacements to items such as:

  • letter boxes
  • gate latches
  • individual dustbins
  • radiator airlocks
  • draught excluders to doors and windows
  • drains blocked by tenant misuse
  • sinks/baths blocked by misuse
  • chimneys needing sweeping
  • fuses and electric plugs
  • internal door locks, latches and hinges
  • cookers and fridges
  • curtain battens
  • broken glass in windows
  • bath/sink plugs and chains
  • WC seats, and
  • tap washers (except for elderly and disabled tenants).

In addition, you are responsible for:

  • window cleaning (except where included in service charge)
  • gardens and gardening
  • cutting hedges
  • clearing snow
  • getting rid of rubbish and litter
  • internal painting and decorating
  • sorting out damage after a break-in, and
  • sorting out damage caused by you, your family or visitors to your home.

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