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The Association encourages residents of its developments to elect a tenant representative to attend the Tenants Forum. This meeting takes place every two months and is chaired by a tenant board member. It is an opportunity for tenants to raise issues of shared concern with the Association and for such issues to be explored, and hopefully resolved, together.

We also produce a quarterly tenants’ newsletter, the current version of which is available to download at the Home page.

There is a wide range of Policies and Procedures affecting tenants, details of which are given on the Policies and Procedures page.

Due to the conditions of our funding, we do not operate a waiting list and therefore you cannot apply directly to us for housing. Please visit our “Finding a home” which tells you how to get assistance if you need housing.

Further resources for tenants 


This is an charitable organisation which offer non-repayable grants to help individuals on low incomes.


This charitable organisation specialises in dealing the elderly.


This organisation works with various organisations across London to collect and redistribute surplus food.


This organisation helps with hygiene products.


Foodbank based in north London.

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