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How to get involved

Your views are important to us. We will give you plenty of opportunities to give your feedback and get directly involved in our work.
You can give us feedback by:

  • • completing our major surveys and surveys about a particular service
    • giving us feedback on your repair
    • taking part in a focus group
    • attending inspections at your estate
    • making a complaint or telling us when we get things right.
    •We also give residents the chance to get more actively involved.
  • We have a strong Tenants’ Committee, with members who represent their schemes and give us feedback on our policies and procedures. The Committee has a formal scrutiny role as part of our governance structure.
  • One or two members of the Tenants’ Committee sit on Westway’s Board as full members.

Ways we can help

Pay your rent

Raise a repair

Raise a complaint

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