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Our landlord rights and responsibilities

Consulting you

We will consult you about any changes we plan to the management, maintenance or servicing of your home. We will take your views into account, when we are making decisions.

We will also consult you if:

  • we want to change the terms of your tenancy agreement, or
  • the Government makes changes to the rights you hold as our tenant.



We take your privacy very seriously. We keep any personal information about you and your household confidential.

We will not normally pass details on to a third person, unless you give your permission or the law says we must. For example, we have to tell your local authority who is living at the property, so that they can charge you Council Tax.


Access to personal information

Under the Data Protection Act 1998, you have the right to see certain data we hold on you.

The General Data Protection Regulation, introduced in 2018, also brought in stricter rules about how we handle your personal data.

For more details about your rights and how we handle your information, call the Customer 1st Team and ask for a copy of our privacy notice.


Bringing your tenancy to an end

In some circumstances, we have the right to ask a court for permission to take back your home.

We may do this if you, or someone else in your household, break the rules of your tenancy, for example, by:

  • failing to pay the rent regularly
  • being a nuisance to your neighbours
  • being violent towards your partner or family
  • being convicted of using your home for illegal purposes
  • damaging the property
  • lying to get the tenancy
  • moving out or leaving your home empty for a long period.

We can also end your tenancy for the following reasons.

  • You are an assured shorthold tenant and your tenancy term is over.
  • You succeeded to the tenancy, but the property is bigger than you need. We will ask you to move somewhere smaller.
  • If you are an assured tenant, we can ask you to move if your home is going to be demolished or needs major improvement work that we can’t complete with you living there. We may ask you to move to another home temporarily, or move you permanently to another property. We would pay your reasonable removal costs and may also pay an amount for disturbance. If we require you to move permanently, we will give you an additional ‘home loss’ payment.

Ways we can help

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